News & Events


2012: Neoconsult underwent successful deployment and rapid  COW Installation & Commissioning in Baghdad Iraq, the project is part of Multi-zone Deployment

2012: Neoconsult was selected from International Telecom Vendors for Phase II of 3G project in Beirut Lebanon

2011: Neoconsult was Engaged in Phase I of 3G project in Lebanon with Multi Site Installation and Commissioning (Civil Works, TRX, SWAP, and NODE B)

2011: Neoconsult was Awarded Five RNC Sites/Projects, complete and major infrastructure reengineering in Beirut Lebanon

2010: Neconsult Continued the 2G Expansion Program with Rollout Activities for Both GSM Operators in Beirut Lebanon (GF, Macro, and Rooftops)

2009: Neoconsult continued GREEN and Solar Powered Deployments in Lebanon

2009: Neoconsult implemented the first GREEN ECO Friendly with Solar Powered GSM Site(s) in Lebanon

2008: Neconsult was Engaged in the 2G Expansion Program for Both Operators in Lebanon