Cell on Wheels (COW)

Site Infrastructure

Solar and Eco Friendly Telecom Solutions

Cell on Wheels (COW)



Our Services Include;

·         Supply,

·         Installation,

·         Commissioning and Testing,

·         Training and Orientation,

·         Maintenance,


·         Options for PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras

·         site lighting

·         public notification/warning systems

·         wind load up to (80 Mph/128Kph)

·         weight load on tower up to 249.4 Kg

·         heights from  15 m to 45 m

·         Operational time for tower deployment “from 20 to 60 min.”

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Site Infrastructure



Neoconsult with Partnership with EEC Group one of the leading full turnkey service providers in the Middle East and Africa with over 15 years experience serving top-class multi-national customers for their wireless networks (GSM, CDMA, 3G, WiMax).


·         Self Supported Towers

·         Rooftop Structures

·         Shelters

·         Guyed Masts

·         Ground Deployment Sites



Solar and Eco Friendly Telecom Solutions



Neoconsult’s environmentally-friendly solar powered BTS allows the operator to extend its network reach into remote areas of the country where there is limited access to the electricity grid.

Neoconsult’s experienced engineers offers hands-on expertise in solar photovoltaics. We also provide hybrid energy systems that include more than one power source, in order to minimize system cost and safeguard reliability under adverse weather conditions.


·         Reduce energy costs

·         Receive a return on investment (ROI)

·         Benefit from government incentives

·         Gain energy independence

·         Enjoy a reliable low-maintenance technology

·         Help protect the environment

·         Position your company as a responsible brand