Neo Consult’s capacity to implement cellular networks on a national scale level has been proven since the inception of GSM mobile technology. A fast and reliable turnkey service in network implementation has been the reason behind Neo Consult’s success and reliability.

- Project Management : Neo Consult has used the processes and methodologies to enable multiple installations to be controlled concurrently without jeopardizing the quality requirements of its customers. These processes and methodologies are the result of many years of experience of project managing network implementation of the company’s founders and engineers.

- Power Supply : from governmental electrical sources, to backup energy sources (diesel connection, solar systems, and UPS back-up energy savers…), Neo Consult has the means to create and implement all kinds of power supply an operator demands and requires for the power-up of its network.       

- Equipment Procurement : time-saving for telecommunications operators.

- Warehousing & Logistics : Warehousing and Logistics are central to multiple site implementation projects around the territory.  Neo Consult has managed ways to ensure traceable allocation of equipment to sites, to track site returns, and to order new equipment for delivery to warehouse in a controlled manner to minimize inventory.

- Civil Works : cleaning and leveling of site, excavation and backfilling, structure foundation, concrete casting, shelter’s foundation, generators’ foundation, fencing, roadwork, earthing


- Tower Erection : tubular and angular

- Rigging : well experienced teams are responsible for the rigging of the external Radio equipment this includes (coaxial and waveguides, feeder clamps, feeder earthing kits, feeder connectors and waveguide flanges, duplexers, TMA equipment, antennas (MW and RF), VSWR)

- Network Implementation Services : installation, power-up, commissioning and integration of the manufacturer’s BTS.

- Site Equipment Testing & Commissioning